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Prevent display of duplicate rows


I am displaying several tables of data in a list project.
The records being displayed basically consists of a name and a corresponding (numeric) value.
If a given name occurs only once in a table I want to display it and it’s corresponding (numeric) value.
However, if the name occurs in the table more than once, I want to display a single row with the name of the entity, and the character “V” (representing various values).

Is this possible in LL22?

Thanks in advance,

I’d use a grouping for this purpose and suppress the display of data lines altogether. In the group footer you could use a Count() function to decide if you display your “V” or the actual numeric value.

Technically: add group footer where “Group By” is your Name field and make the columns read “” and "Cond(Count(1, true) > 1, “V”, ). Then select the table and set Data Lines > Suppress Data Lines to “True”. That should work as long as the data is sorted by the name field.


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