Sub-table data is showing the same information for each row

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to create a sub table into my main table.
The issue I’m getting is that every field contains the same data and it looks like the software is not getting the next data for each new line.

Header.lst (284.9 KB)

I’m getting the same issue for each sub-table contained into this main and the strange fact is that the number of records in the table are the same as the real data. (Table lines number is correct but contained information are wrong).

If I create this sub-table as a main table, this issue doesn’t appear.

Thank you,

There seems to be an error in the data registration, it is possible that something was done wrong when transferring the relations.

Do you use your own print loop or do you use databinding?
Please check whether the child table has different data records when you add the table as single element.

In the project I can see that the file was created with 25.001, if not already done I would recommend you to install the service pack for version 25 and test the behavior again.