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L&L 18 : is my RTF object big enough to visualize all the text on a single page ?

I have an LST file with on RTF object.

Is there a way to understand if the RTF object is big enough to visualiaze all the text I will insert on a single page or if part of the text will be printed on the second page ?

L&L 18.005
Windows 7 64bit


Hi Fabio,

thank you for your post.

In that case you can use the so called “2-Pass-Technique”, which means that you have to print twice. During the first print process you can check the return value of the LlPrint() command whether it is delivering LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA (page break) or not (no page break).

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Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
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And if I have 2 RTF objects on the same layer, how can I understand which of them is causing the page break ?

Thank you

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