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Endless pagebreaks if an object is to big for a page


(combit - Webmaster) #1

If an object is to big for the choosen pageformat List and Label generates endless pages and never stops. It would be good, if List and Label recognise the problem and stops.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Which object exactly causes this behavior? I was able to reproduce that for a chart within a report container. This is fixed in LL21 by issuing a warning at design time (which is the best fix I can think of). Any other objects affected by this?

(Lank J) #3

It happens to me also. Not that one object is Too big, but I set probably too high Top or Bottom “Spacing” and preview probably generates to many pages, because it always stops responding in these cases. Maybe designer preview can stop on "100 pages ", so when this is reached, LL will stop doing things, just in case . And it can generate 101+ if user reaches page 100 in preview.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #4

@jakub: There is a button in the preview’s ribbon already to limit the pages in the designer preview. Originally, we’ve put it there to limit database bandwidth. However it would also work in this case. We’ll probably be looking at this issue for LL22 nevertheless.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #5

Anyone voting on this suggestion - please add details in which cases you’re affected by the behavior. This will help us identify the scenarios that need to be fixed.

(Manfred Kuhlemann) #6

We have this problem most times, if we use pictures, which are to big. Our users can choose the width and height-values of the pictures. If they choose it to big, we have endless pages.
We have also this problem, if someone forget the “unitfromscm” in the object height and the user has an imperial windows.

(Markus Doppler) #7

Currently i run into this problem, when using a large amount of table headers in a sub table. You can find details in my open support case nr W201808080004.
May be you find a way to “detect” such endless page breaks, and stop printing the object which causes the problem. Any behavior is better than endless page breaks, because users have to kill the application by task manager in this case.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #8

LL24 will have an option to restrict the maximum page count for a single object. Most objects can even differ between “progress made” and “no progress made” where the page count will only refer to “no progress made”. Look for LL_OPTION_RECURSIONCHECK_MAX_ITERATIONS, LL_ERR_RECURSION_DETECTED and the corresponding MaximumIterationsPerObject property in the components.