Issue with ID card rotation and List and Label 15

I am printing a 2 sided card (using a zebra P430i card printer) and I cannot get both sides to print the same. The card prints vertically and I need to have the tops of each side on the same end. Both sides are identical so I should be able to flip the card and it should look the same (not upside down). There is an option in the print driver to rotate the back side 180 degrees, and this works if I preview the card. If I print directly to the printer though, the data is reversed on one side. This is a .NET project and the code I am using is looks like this:

(LL2 is a Combit ListandLabel control)

LL2.SetDataBinding(dtId, string.Empty);
LL2.AutoProjectType = LlProject.Label | LlProject.FileAlsoNew;

LL2.AutoDesignerFile = template;
LL2.AutoDestination = LlPrintMode.Normal;
LL2.AutoShowPrintOptions = false;
LL2.AutoShowSelectFile = false;
LL2.Print(Common.gIDPrinterToUse, LlProject.Label);

Does anyone know what the print preview screen is doing to make this work that I am not
doing in my code?

Thanks for your help

If I comment out the following line, the card prints like I want it to.

 LL2.AutoShowPrintOptions = false;

I am not sure why not showing the Print Options dialog would make a difference.

Any ideas?