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double sided cards

Hi all

Anyone can suggest me the best way to print double sided cards with a zebra printer ( like a driving license ) ?
How can I define layout for the back side
I want print different data form the same record of my table

Thanks in advance

Okay I found reverse side ca be printed with a .gtc but I don’t found anything about printing variable data on gtc

How can I reference variable of the master project ?

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Raffaele,

thank you for your post.

You could use the following LL_OPTION:

        #define LL_OPTION_PARTSHARINGFLAGS     (231)  default: 0 

This option can be set with the following (.NET) sourcecode and allows you to pass your variables into a .gtc project:

LL.Core.LlSetOption(231, 4)

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Thanks Patrick

I’ll try

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