Integrate List & Label Language Kits

Valid from List & Label 13
The List & Label Designer is available in German, English and other languages. This extension to additional languages is possible thanks to the modular structure. In addition to the Designer, the Language Kits also localize the print, preview and export dialogs. For "Common Dialogs" (e.g. file selection), however, the respective system language is decisive.

The following applies to the Enterprise Edition: from version 15 onwards, all available Language Kits are automatically installed, usually at least German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Starting with version 22, Language Kits are also installed and updated by the regular Service Pack Setup, the Language Kits Setup is no longer required here.

For the Standard and Professional Editions, the following applies: To install a newly purchased Language Kit for the respective version for the first time, you first need the Language Kits Setup. Please download it from the support area under "Service Packs" (product registration required). The Language Kits themselves will then be activated and installed directly in the Language Kits setup with the corresponding Product Key on your license certificate. Please also have the Serial Number of your List & Label license ready. Afterwards you can update the already installed Language Kits with the Service Pack.

In the Programmer's Reference for List & Label you will find short instructions on how to integrate the language kits:

To integrate a Language Kit after purchase, use the corresponding language constant with LlJobOpen() or set the property "Language" to the desired value when using a component. You also deliver the language files (*.lng) to your customers. The files are expected by List & Label in the same directory as the main DLL (cmll??.dll).

The following table shows the abbreviations in the file names of the language files (.lng) for the individual languages:
Language Abbreviation
Chinese Simplified 09
Czech 0B
Dutch 0D
English 01
French 12
German 00
Italian 18
Japanese 19
Polish 1E
Portuguese 1F
Russian 21
Slovak 22
Spanish 25

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