Installing the List & Label .NET Component in Microsoft Visual Studio

Valid from List & Label 13
Usually the List & Label .NET component should be recognized automatically by Microsoft Visual Studio. In some cases though it may be necessary to install it manually. The component itself can be found as an Assembly in the "Programmable Samples\Microsoft .NET\" respectively "Redistributable Files\" directory in your List & Label installation path.

The manual installation can be done as follows:

Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013:
- menu "Tools > Choose Toolbox Items"
- choose combit.ListLabel??.dll (for List & Label up to version 14 choose ListLabel??VS2005.dll respectively ListLabel??unicodeVS2005.dll for the unicode version)

Now you can add the List & Label component via drag & drop from the toolbox to your form.
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