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Install List & Label Parallelly Into Delphi and C++Builder

Valid from List & Label 12
In order to use List & Label both with the Delphi and C++ Builder personality, proceed as follows:

1. If you have already installed List & Label into one of the personalities, remove it from there and delete the BPL package associated to it.

2. Open the package lxxdelp6.dpk (replace "xx" with the version e.g. l17delp6.dpk) from the "Programmable Samples and Declarations\Delphi" path

3. Activate the "Designtime and Runtime" switch in the project settings for the package as well as the linker option "Generate all C++Builder files".

4. Install the package.

In order to use the C++ Builder samples in this case, the search path needs to include the "Programmable Samples and Declarations\Delphi" directory as the header files are stored there. Additionally, make sure to remove the reference to "cbpack" in the project properties (tab "Packages") and add a reference to the newly created "lxxdelp6" (replace "xx" with the version e.g. l17delp6). When starting the samples from within the IDE, the link to "cbpack.lib" can be removed.
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