Installing LL12 on WIn64

Hi all.

I am upgrading my machine from Win7/32 to Win7/64 and installing my VB6 sp6 environment. I have installed LL12 with no errors or issues however when I bring up my project it says it cant find the license file. When I look at the form, the LL12 component is not showing either.

Is there a trick to installing on a 64bit machine? Does it need to be installed to Program Files or Program files (x86)\ ?

Any info would be appreciated.

Hi Gary,

Not sure if LL12 will support Win7 at all. I think if it works on x86 you should be happy, MS did some major changes to the installer in the meantime (which I’ve learned through a school of hard knocks), including virtualized registry settings for x86 processes running on x64, impersonation as admin during setup etc. I seem to remember LL12 didn’t even use a Windows Installer setup.

Your best bet would be to ask combit directly probably.