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Help with complex report


I need to create a somewhat complex report. Database schema is more or less like:
All detail tables are linked to Master table on field masterId

I need a report like this:

Company header <- Visible on all pages
Some Master fields <- Visible on first page
DetailTable 1
DetailTable 2
Section with some fields of master
Section with a comma separated string built with one field of DetailTable 3
Section with other fields of Master
Report Footer, static text <- Visible only on last page

This report is pretty huge, it may render from two up to five pages for every Master record. All info between “Some Master fields” and “Report Footer” should be displayed in order, and not every DetailTable on his own page (my best attemp :frowning: )

I had correctly set up data, but I am not able to build up correctly the report.

Can someone help me?

Many thanks

Forget it I have just completed report.

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