Get LL properties from its ProjectBase


I am working with LL in C# and I would like to know if it is possible to have acces to the LL object and its properties direct from its ProjectBase Object. Since I instantiate this last one as:

ProjectBase project = new ProjectBase(LL)

I think I should be able to get access to its parent properties (LL) direct from the project object. If it is possible?

Thank you!


it looks like the ProjectBase and also its inheritated class DomItem does not have such a visible property like “ParentComponent” for that.

But you need to give the ListLabel object as parameter for the ProjectBase class, you still have the ListLabel object in this context, right?

Hello Oliver,

Sure I still have the ListLabel object but I find a bit annoying to have to move both objects around since I am already using ListLabel to instantiate a ProjectBase Object. In fact I have to use it in order to create the ProjectBase, no choice. Why dont let me get acces from it instead of working with both?

Thank you!

Hello Juan,

of course the solution would not be the best, but it would work currently for you.
I think you can suggest your need diretly to combit. Maybe they fulfill the improvement suggestion in a future version.

Thank you Oliver! :slight_smile: