Report parameter (list) via code


What would be the best practice to set a Report Parameter via code?
It is a parameter with multiple values.

Right now single value parameters are set by the variables object (AddFromObject)
And the report parameters are hidden from the user in the report previewcontrol.


Dear Nordin,
thank you for your note.

Following you will find a code snippet for opening a project file via the DOM API and for accessing the ReportParameters collection:

ProjectList proj = new ProjectList (LL);
//If you want to change it during printing, you must use Proj. GetFromParent () and not Proj.Open(…),
the GetFromParent method can only be accessed in the DefinePrintOptions Event.

proj.Open (“test.lst”, LlDomFileMode.OpenOrCreate);
ReportParameter par = proj.ReportParameters [0];[/code]

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Kind Regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH