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Accessing the variables from .Net

I’m using List&Lables with OpenEdgeDataProvider. Basically the data is fetched from a Progress OpenEdge database and stored in a dataset. The data provider is using this dataset. This is not really important, I just wanted to give some info about the way of using the product.
My question is if there is a way to access the variables and fields using .Net, for example in the event handler of AutoDefineNewPage event I would like to access some variables defined in Combit.
I’m thinking to use LL.Variables but at this moment I have no clue how.
If this is not possible maybe there is a way of retrieving the data/field of the displayed table?, a field value from the current row?

Unfortunately, I do not quite understand what you want to implement.

Do you want to use the event published by the .NET ListLabel object or do you want to use the OpenEdgeDataProvider to access to your variables?

May I ask you to explain in detail what exactly you want to implement, thank you.

If you want to use the event by the .Net component the you can do it like followed:

	METHOD PRIVATE VOID listLabel1_AutoDefineVariable( INPUT sender AS System.Object, INPUT e AS combit.ListLabel24.AutoDefineElementEventArgs ):


I’ll try to explain with an example, the dataset contains two tables with parent child relation, the report
displays the parent data on separate pages and the corresponding child records. Each parent record starts a new page. The focus now is on the parent data, I need some event like AutoDefineNewPage or something similar to find out exactly which parent record is currently displayed on the current page, I need to find out the ID of that parent record.
This is why I need to access from .Net the variables or fields from Combit.

The question is why do you want to have the ID of the parent? What are you going to do with it?
I don’t think that it’s possible to get it from LL. You won’t get it from the OpenEdgeDataProvider. The data provider is just the data source for LL and doesn’t know what LL is doing with the data. If you want to have it in the ABL Service, then it’s already there as part of the query for the child table.
If you tell me want you want to do, I may be able to help you.