Format error exporting to excel

Hello All,

I have a strange situation occurring while exporting a report into excel file type.
On 2 different machines (V.M.´s) i have a discrepancy on time type table column.
While in one of them the presentation is has expected in the other it messes the format of that specific column adding ‘tt’ to the end of it´s data.
Please find attached screenshots of the O.S. and excel result(I am not allowed too upload the lst and lsv files,sorry ).
Can someone please let me know what is causing the issue?

LL version is 21.

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As I could see you opened a new thread on StackOverflow and already got a first feedback from @jbartlau :

Can you check the system’s default format? What exactly is the content of the column in the Designer? What’s the column’s data type? Did you apply a date format, or did you just add the date/time column as is?

If you want to you can also post the answers to the questions here - we’ll get it sorted accordingly :slight_smile:

Hello ,
Thanks for reply.
For that column i have selected ´Time->system seetings without secconds´.
My O.S. is configured for UK regional format, while the second is for US, and that is the difference that is causing that ´tt´ in the end of the time data.
If i switch the regional settings to US and export to excel it will happen the same thing.
So, for some whatever reason US regional format is showing that ´tt´ in the end, and should not.
Any thoughts?

We’ll dig into that. As a workaround - could you try to switch the format to “custom” and choose the required format (i.e. %02H:%02i) from the list? Would that work on both systems?

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I´ve tried you´re suggestion and it removes the ´tt´ at the end of cell data.
Nevertheless i would like to show date and time accordingly to S.O. settings.
This case printed the 24h format, but tipically US is AM/PM, therefore, i am using a mask equal for all users (regardless the timezone/regional format) which is not my intention :smirk:


Thanks for the information and the screenshots. We were able to reproduce to behavior and we are trying to fix it for next Service Pack. I will come back to you if any news are available.

Glad i was able to sent the necessary information for reproduction and thank you for the feedback.
Hope you succeed on that and wish you all well.

I just received the message that the issue has been fixed.

If you won’t wait until the next Service Pack release feel free to open a support case and I will send you some new modules with the fix for List & Label 25.

Unfortunately List & Label 21 no longer receives bugfixes or Service Packs. For any older version you might want to consider the workaround posted from @jbartlau.


Thanks for the feedback and speed.
I gave the info to my manager and will be waiting for a formal reply in order to know how to proceed.

Regards everyone.