Right justification for currency when exporting to Excel

I’ve got a report that prints only to Excel. This works fine with at this point one exception, justification in the columns. If you look t the image it can be seen that some cells are left justified and some are right, both in the same column - this is from the Excel file. I’ve got these set to currency with right justification & 0 decimals in the designer settings so why are some sitting on the left?

Hi Robert,

we are not able to reproduce the behavior. Do all cells use the same formatting style in Excel (see format combobox in the ribbon menu bar of Excel)?

We tested with the modules of the recent service pack 27.002 of LL27. Which version is in use on your side? Maybe you can provide a minimized sample report for the List & Label Sample Application? You’ll find the application in your List & Label installation:

…\combit\LL27\Sample Application\DemoApplication27.exe

Thanks for the response. In Excel all cells are showing as “Custom” format regardless of which justification. Using LL-26

Can you give it a try with the latest trial of version 27? I’m not aware of such an issue from the top of my head, but this way we could make sure.

I figured out what’s causing the problem, it’s the column widths in the designer. The report has 40 columns which is a bit difficult to fit in the designer and a few of them require 8-character currency width and it was those where the justification didn’t always work. Increasing the column width of those few and narrowing a few that didn’t require the space fixed the problem. So to duplicate it output 6 or 8 character currency but in a narrowly defined column. The data always shows correctly in Excel, only the justification seems to be affected.

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Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your hint. The column width makes the difference. We will take a closer look at the behavior and keep you updated here.

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As I said, this is an odd case with that many columns but maybe it can be fixed in a future revision. Thanks for your attention to it Christian.

Good news. We will fix that issue with the next service pack. In urgent cases don’t hesitate to open a support case and take reference to that thread.

Excellent. Not urgent for us at this moment but we’ll keep an eye out for the next update. Thanks…

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