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Error/Warning list instead of separate messages

When file is opened in designer, and there are some errors (missing include, wrong expression, missing table), there is an seperate message for each error.  user has no other possibility then click on them one by one and remeber them (I just hold space until they are all gone, but I really don’t remember all of them).

It would be great to have another view (page of tabview - where objects and layers are) which will have a list of these problems with just counter on header of that tab. e.g…: “Warnings [15]”. 

When file is opened, one message just can pop up saying “15 warnings found, some of them with missing table, don’t save…”

also, very nice to have would be, that if it is some property problem or something, user would be able to click on that line in warning list and correct dialog (cell, text, project properties…) will open.

Would a non-clickable list be helpful as well? Background: to route from an error message to the correct dialog would be very effortful to implement, as we’d need to simulate some kind of user interaction in order to pop up dialogs in the right context. The formula assistant filters fields and variables as appropriate for the context. In order to support this feature, the proper context would have to be simulated when clicking on the error pane. Not impossible, but quite sophisticated…

I think it can be non-clickable list, I understand this is difficult to do. In that case some colors can be there, all objects should be at least highlighted from the rest of the text. At least correct top level object editor can open if it has any (table), or be selected, if it can’t open (picture). This should be doable.

Promoted to “planned” status.

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