Info about missing paragraphs, because of space constraints

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Info about missing paragraphs in the designer or in a special print mode.

A typical use case might be:

I have a text object with two paragraphs. Both get their font settings from the project settings. Both paragraphs are output cleanly. So far everything is fine.

Now another font is activated in the project settings. This font has a slightly different geometry, which is why the second paragraph no longer fits into the default size of the text object and thus disappears.

I know I can use layout/line break property to control the behavior.

But I’m more concerned with the fact that in a more complex report something like this can easily be overlooked, or if the font is changed in the project settings years later.

It would be great if LL designer could show objects with a red rectangle when missing paragraphs because of space constraints are detected. Or you could implement a special print mode in the designer to show the red rectangles when there is a paragraph missing.