Duplex printing - force text on the back of every page

Is there a way force some text to print on the back side of report pages, assuming that the printer is capable of duplex printing?

I have played around with the layer assignments within the designer, but nothing seems to work. The text needs to print on the back for every page, even if the report is only one page long.

I am using version 14 of L&L.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

not trivial, but not difficult either. “Just” needs some Windows API knowledge.

Best solution I’ve come up with is:

a) create a preview file of the front pages of the report
b) create a preview file of the back page (depends if you have it printable otherwise)
c) open the preview file(s): LlStgsysOpen()
d) create a print loop yourself (CreateDC, StartDoc, StartPage, …)
e) print the pages (using LlStgsysDrawPage()):
e1) if DUPLEX, print them alternating
e2) otherwise, print the “back” page as last page
f) (and release the handles from above, delete the preview files, etc)


Thanks, Paul! I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile: