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Printing Pages to Different Printers

Valid from List & Label 6
Printing to different printers

Since version 14 it is possible to use different layouts to printing pages on different printers. With earlier versions it is not possible to use layouts. Use as following:

To print List & Label report pages to arbitrary printers you can first print the whole job to preview (LL_PRINT_PREVIEW). You don't have to display this preview file, instead you open it using LlStgsysStorageOpen(). By looping through the pages stored in the preview file and printing them yourself using LlStgsysDrawPage() you're able to supply arbitrary device contexts for the printout to List & Label. Thus, if you pass the DC for printer A to LlStgsysDrawPage() when printing the first page, DC for printer B for the second and so on, you'll get the required output.

If the format of the pages doesn't stay constant throughout printout, or another List & Label project file is to be used, you could first split your print job (e.g. an A4 card layout for the title, an A3 table layout for the data) into different preview prints and append them afterwards (LlStgsysAppend()) in order to have one preview containing the neccessary printout. Afterwards, you may follow the steps described above to divert the pages as needed to different printers.
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