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Different output in PDF

Win-7 Professional 64 bit
Xbase++ 1.9-SL1

If I create a preview, and choose “Export” in the ribbon, export to PDF. Then all looks exactly as expected in the PDF document.
However, I do not preview and export to PDF directly, the line spacing and font is slightly bigger.
Result is that the PDF does not match the preview, and sometimes has more pages.

Is this know behaviour?
What can I do to make sure the output PDF looks exactly as planed without previewing first?

Jack Duijf

Hi Jack,
thank you for your note.

Please check the Limitations for the pdf export (chapter 7.3.6 PDF Export programmers reference).
Especially the limitations for boldface / rotated / italic fonts might be causing your problem.

Kind Regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical Support
combit GmbH

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