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Export to PDF when default printer is Generic Text.

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Hi All,

We are experiencing an issue with export to PDF when default printer is set
to Generic /Text Only.

We get pdf file with overlapping text.

When default printer is set to any laser Jet, PDF export is ok.

Issue is not OS specific we get it on Windows Server 2003 and XP pro.

My system is XP pro SP3.

Default Printer Generic /Text Only.

I’m using VS2008 with LL version 12:

C# Code sample:

        LL = new ListLabel();

        LL.LicensingInfo = "xxxxx";

        ManifestNum = manifestNumber;

        this.LL.AutoDefineNewPage += new 


        LL.SetDataBinding(ds, "Manifests");

        LL.AutoMasterMode = 


        LL.AutoProjectType = LlProject.List;

        LL.AutoDesignerFile = manifestFile;

        LL.AutoDestination = LlPrintMode.Export;


        LL.ExportOptions.Add("Export.Target", "PDF");

        LL.ExportOptions.Add("Export.File", fileName);

        LL.ExportOptions.Add("Export.Path", outputLocation);

        LL.ExportOptions.Add("Export.Quiet", "1");

        LL.AutoShowPrintOptions = false;

        LL.AutoShowSelectFile = false;


We tried with PDF.FontMode’s 0-5 but none of them produces 100% correct

We also tried ot save laser printer in printer configuration file. *.lsp but
on customer site where there is no laser printer installed LL uses default
label printer (always installed).



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“Dusan” <dis250@yaho…> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

We are experiencing an issue with export to PDF when default printer is
set to Generic /Text Only.

Generic/Text Only is not a good reference printer choice unfortunately. LL
uses the device resolution for rendering and this driver has a very poor
resolution. I’d rather switch to MS XPS driver as a reference.