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Designer and Table of Contents/Index etc.

The LL-API should return the file name (including path) for the table of contents, etc. after the designer has finished (to save the file in the database).

So it would be unnecessary to open the file again and read out the corresponding values by DOM.

This would also be significantly faster.

I’d suggest to use the new repository interface when working with projects in databases. In that case, you’re notified of the files via interface and don’t need to use DOM either.

The repository interface is a .NET. feature. Will there be a native C++ implementation? I can not find any C ++ examples or documentation.

Usually we let the underlying COM interfaces mature for a version or two before documenting them either as sample or in the programmer’s reference, just like we did with the data provider interface. That way we can make sure the interface has everything that’s really needed.

If this is a hard requirement on your end we could start a joint effort to get this up and running with C++ - just contact me via PM in that case.

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