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DOM API: LlCreateSubObjectFrom

Hi everybody,

I need to add new table lines via API at rundtime. Usually, I have a template that I design with all properties within the Designer.

Via code I then take this template, add a new line, create all fields and set all properties according to the template (line and column).

It would be very cool to have a function LlCreateSubObjectFrom that would work just like LlDomCreateSubobject with an additional parameter that would allow to pass the name of the template.

A huge advantage (besides the performance gain) would be that I just needed to fill in the content, not the formatting.

We’re currently working with C++ MFC/LL20.

Just my idea.


Philipp Clement


Actually, for .NET this is already available. You can simply use the CopyFrom() method that’s available for all DOM objects, e.g.


As this API heavily relies on reflection, we cannot offer it directly for other, non-.NET languages. Coming up with a pure C++ core solution would indeed be an option, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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