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Chrome designer extension cannot be enabled

Hi. After installing the Chrome designer extension, it can be used from a web app until the browser is shut down. When the browser is restarted, the extension has been disabled by Chrome. This is apparently a security thing. At startup, Chrome disables any extensions that are not sourced from the Chrome Web Store, and does not allow the user to re-enable them.

Can combit submit the designer extension to the Chrome Web Store, just like with the report viewer extension? The designer extension is no use to us if Chrome will not let us use it.


Dear Glenn,

thank you for your post.

Maybe the following guide will help you to install and use the designer extension.


We are currently working on an alternative solution for future releases but at this time the Internet Explorer seems to be the only reliable browser for the designer extension.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hi Patrick. Thanks for that. We did consider developer mode, but that won’t fly with our customers. Hate to have to depend on IE like that.

Please do consider releasing the designer plug-in to the Chrome Web Store. That would surely solve the problem!

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