Ribbon bar on a web page

Hi. Is it possible to get the ASP.NET DesignerControl to show the new fancy ribbon bars rather than the old-style menus? From Internet Explorer, or any other browser?

I can bring up the designer on my web page (in Internet Explorer) but the Project → Options page has “Use Ribbon if possible” disabled in the Workspace tab. I’m on Windows 7. I also do not see a programmatic way to get the control to show the ribbon.

Is it that the OCX does not support the new ribbon?

Also, should the ListLabel.ProjectLoaded and the ListLabel.SaveFilename events fire from the ReportDesigner control once the control has been initialized and the report designer is showing and also when the user clicks File → Save? I have them wired-up but they do not fire.


Hi Glenn,

thank you for your post.

  1. Ribbon

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the ribbon bar in the DesignerControl.

  1. Evetns

Please note that there is no communication backwards to the server. That’s why the events will not be fired.

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Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Thanks for the info, Christian.

What we are trying to do is allow our users to design a report inside an ASP.NET web page, but we need to be able to handle when a report template is modified by the user, so that we can update some information about the report template in our database. In the LL 18 Programmer’s Reference manual, I see in section 3.9 that there are events that can be hooked and that the menu and buttons can be disabled, but that section describes customizations available to the viewer. There doesn’t seem to be similar customizations available to the designer, as described in section 3.10. And it sounds like you are saying that those events don’t work in the designer when it is hosted in an ASP.NET page.

Can you think of a way that we can do that from within an ASP.NET web page instead of having to have a WinForms app? Ideally I won’t have to go down to the API level for this. My company does have an active support agreement with combit so if these design questions are better handled outside of this forum that’s fine with me, please just let me know who I should contact.