Automatically Widen Report Container

Hi, I have a report of a bunch of individual report containers (tables) that are just footers with a total number. I am curious is there a setting in the system to automatically widen the containers?
So if a number is one digit long it would be proportional and if another container is 6 digits long its container would be wide enough, without having to manually adjust each container?


Hi Bill,

Not sure I’m entirely getting the question here. Usually, you wouldn’t care about the width of the container as the column width is what really makes the difference. And also there, I’d just make all widths “wide enough” and right align the content, so you wouldn’t have to worry about widths at all.

That said, there are a couple of things that came into my mind while reading your question:

  • you might consider using automatic width adjustments for the columns, see this blog post.
  • an alternative might be to use a formula for the container width and base the actual width on the required width (calculated using the TextWidth function). A sample for Arial, 12 pt would be TextWidth(<RequiredText>,"{(0,0,0),12,0,0,0,0,400,0,0,0,0,40,0,0,0, Arial}").
  • if you’d basically just concatenate the sums from different containers you could use GetVar/SetVar to store the values from the containers and use the result in a simple text field
  • you could also use native aggregation if your data source allows for it

Maybe you could post a screen shot of what you currently have and what the layout should look like as a result?

Thanks, the automatic adjustments is what I was referring to.

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