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AskString$ function

When I tried AskString$ on the Demo, the syntax guide wasn’t displayed in the “Edit User Variable” screen so I looked into Help file and found the syntax. This is my variable for the title text
AskString$(“Insert”, False, “Your Title”)
There is no error for this variable but it doesn’t do anything when reviewing the report.
It didn’t ask for the title and just display “Your Title” on the report and no data was loaded (there was data before to try AskString$).
Can I use AskString$ for this Demo? Is AskString$ still available for Report Service?

Hi Cady,

AskString$() is a bad choice, actually it should not be available in the report server I’d think. Use Report Parameters for working with dynamic, user edited content. In the Designer, see the Project tab and the “Report Parameters”. For the preview, there is rich support for parameters in the viewer, for export formats they can be configured in the Report Server UI.



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