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Using "Text-Only" Printer Drivers: Text Positioning

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Valid from List & Label 10
Starting with List & Label 10, a specialized TTY export is available for a wide range of emulations.

You can use List & Label as a DTP tool. This means that you can set the position of every object exactly as you wish to do. But this feature can lead to problems if you use "Text-Only" printer drivers (which don't support exact positioning of course) and you expect List & Label to keep the position of its text objects. Some of the "Text-Only" printer drivers can have rounding problems. To improve the result, change the position of the text objects slightly in the layout.

We encourage the usage of printer fonts and recommend not to use lines and frames in your layout. You should also set the spacing between paragraphs table lines and columns to zero.

In some cases an exact positioning is not possible. Only the printer driver is responsible for the position of the text in the result file. Unfortunately we cannot give you any recommendation for a special driver.
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