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Printing RFID-Tags With List & Label

Valid from List & Label 11
List & Label can print RFID tags with a suitable printer and printer driver.

The Zebra RFID printer drivers for example support a so-called PassThrough mode that can be enabled in the printer settings. It allows to pass Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) commands directly to the printer. Simply place a text object anywhere in your project and use the following sequence as content:

This results in an RFID tag that encodes the SSCC_Number_To_Encode. Please note that you might need a driver update in order to have the PassThrough mode available. Also, the printer’s firmware needs to be able to handle the used transponders of course.

More information on SSCC codes can be found using the link below.


IDKBTE000686 KBTE000686

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