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Table of contents title

I am almost there …

I have the table of content now in my report.
I used the default template for this.
The title is represented as system variable ReportSection.Description
The output says always “Table of contents”.

I would like to change this at runtime. I seem to do something wrong.

::TocDescription := "Jaarrekening 2013 " AllTrim(oKlant:Naam)
I tried:
before/ after LLPrint(::hJob), and just before LLPrintEnd(::hJob)

The TOC title remains unchanged, but should be “Jaarrekening 2013 J.D. Software”

What is my mistake?

Jack Duijf


Seem to remember you can’t change that easily. However, why not using a text object with the required content instead of ReportSection.Description? Seems easy enough to me.


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