Sequence of events in List vs Label projects

Within my efforts trying to move to .NET using a DataSource, I was looking for a need to query the selected output before retrieving the data. I have seem to come a long way in achieving this. Using QueryFileNameForExportJob this for List type projects, but unfortunately not for Label type projects.

I noticed that the order in which events are executed is different for LIST type projects and LABEL type projects. (I haven’t looked into CARD projects). In my application I am getting the data in to a temp-table. For that reason I am overriding GetData in the OpenEdge dataprovider with my own GetDataEvent .

I am also using QueryFileNameForExportJob as I want to ask the user for an output destination before getting the data. For LIST projects this works fine:

  1. PrinterDialog shows
  2. QueryFileNameForExportJob event is triggered
  3. GetDataEvent is triggered to retrieve the data.

However, for LABEL projects, the order is

  1. GetDataEvent is triggered to retrieve the data (so before the user can select an output destination)
  2. PrinterDialog shows
  3. QueryFileNameForExportJob event is triggered

Is there any way to influence this? Is this sequence of events dictated by List&Label or is this implemented in the OpenEdge data provider?


Hi Jos,
The dataprovider doesn’t know what LL is doing. It’s just returning data upon LL requests.
LL triggers the sequence of events. Maybe the sequence of event is implement different in LL for different project types.

Hi Thomas, thx for clarifying. Hopefully someone from Combit can jump in and clarify.

In version 24, labels are printed completely different from list projects internally. This may also influence the order of events. 25 brings a couple of changes here, we refactored the engines to closer match each other. I just checked with a sample for 25, the rows enumerator (which is where GetData is probably called in the OpenEdge provider) is not called before the print options dialog anymore now.

These changes cannot be applied to 24 for obvious reasons - it was a couple-of-weeks-project :sweat_smile:. If you’re working with the Enterprise Edition (which I seem to recall), you’ll be able to get your hands on LL25 in about one month once we start the public beta program. I hope this time frame is sufficient for your needs.

Hi Jochen, thanks for clarifying this.

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