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Retrieve Printer From Project file

We are having an issue when trying to print a label where the printer will lockup. If we use one of the LL:Print methods where we pass a printer name it works just fine. However, if we do not pass a printer name and want to use the printer defined in the label project the label printer (Zebra) will lock.

Zebra has said the application is overwriting the printer settings. This appears to only occur if not passing the printer to the Print method or if using the printer dialog.

How can I get the Printer from the label project so I can then pass this to the Print method?


Reminds me of this issue. Can you share which version of List & Label you’re using? And could you paste a snippet of the “working” vs. “not-working” version so we can try to reproduce the problem? As to your question, you could call LlGetPrinterFromPrinterFile to find the printer’s name. Depending on your programming language, this API might not be available.

It is actually the same issue and same end-user. All of the data requested here was attached to the call opened for me as of yesterday.

So I’m closing the other thread as solved - the portal is up and working again and we can continue this issue here.

Good to hear you’ve been in contact with Zebra, too. It would be great to see the details of their anaysis. From a first glance at your data, it indeed looks like a driver specific issue, however we have to look at it in more detail.

  • do you have a chance to verify this with the latest LL22 build or - even better - with LL24?
  • can you share your programming language and - see above - a short snippet showing how you start the print
  • can you share the exact model, driver name and version for the printer?

We’ll also reply to your support case - I’ll update this thread with the results then.

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