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When I closed converted report (from LL13 to LL21), my debug stops at this line “this.LL,MaxRTFVersion = 65280” in InitializeComponent() with message “AccessViolationException”.
This number doesn’t look like any number mentioned in LL_OPTION_MAXRFTVERSION. I read the articles about RFT in Knowledge Page too but I don’t know how to get what version it should be and where to find this number? Why does the program assign that number?
Can someone help me fix this issue?


Hello Cady,

thank you for your post.

The value 65280 (hex: 0xff00) is the value for “use the highest RTF version i can get”. Using debwin3.exe you can get the rtf version of your system (debug output of a Windows 10 system):

CMLL21 : 11:03:49.153 000022a8/02 9 »*LS:LsSetDebug(1)
CMLL21 : 11:03:49.153 000022a8/02 0 looking for RTF control, max version 0xff00
CMLL21 : 11:03:49.156 000022a8/02 1 control ‘RichEdit50W’ in module ‘C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSFTEDIT.DLL’ has version 0x0602
CMLL21 : 11:03:49.157 000022a8/02 2 accept this one!

In that case the rtf version 0x0602 is available. Does it work when you are using e.g. MAXRTFVERSION=1538 (0x0602) or MAXRTFVERSION=512 (0x200)?

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hi Christian,
Thank you for response. I found my RTF version is 0x0401 so I changed it 1025. Is it correct conversion? It seems to work.
Another related question: if users who has different RTF version, will they get this error?

The document mentions “To not load any RTF control you should set this option to 0. Advantage is a faster start up and using less resources”. When should this be used?


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