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RTF Object in Windows 8 Without Transparency

Valid from List & Label 18
With Service Pack 18.003 List & Label supports loading the latest Windows 8 RTF control (MSFTEDIT).

Important hint:
[code] The RTF control of Windows 8 does not support transparency any longer. [/code]
Without the support of transparency it may happen that an RTF object is displayed with a white background instead of the actual background pattern.

To restore the behaviour again an older RTF version must be used respectively activated. The available RTF versions are shown in the Debwin log file. In various test environments the version of the RTF control of Windows 8 was "0x051f" (decimal: 1311):
CMLL18 : 17:04:37.380 000004d0/00 0 [CMLL18.DLL] control 'RichEdit50W' in module 'C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSFTEDIT.DLL' has version 0x0602
CMLL18 : 17:04:37.381 000004d0/00 1 [CMLL18.DLL] control 'RichEdit20W' in module 'C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\RICHED20.DLL' has version 0x051f

Setting the RTF version to “1311” via LL_OPTION_MAXRTFVERSION restores the desired behaviour resp. the transparency in Windows 8 test systems. Please note that the LL_OPTION_MAXRTFVERSION option must be called before the first LlJobOpen() with a job handle of “-1”. Further information about this option can be found in the Programmer’s Reference. When working with one of our components the MaxRtfVersion property can be set to the desired value directly. The components will automatically take care of the proper timing for setting the property.

Starting with List & Label 19, you can influence the transparency with the option LL_OPTION_RTF_WHITE_BACKGROUND_IS_TRANSPARENT (Default: true) via LlSetOption(). 
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