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Explicitly set version for designer OCX

I have the LL18 viewer OCX on an ASP.NET web page like so:

<combit:ListLabelWebViewer ID=“ReportViewerControl” …

In the page’s code behind, I can set the codebase as follows:

ReportViewerControl.CabFileURL = ResolveUrl("~/ocx/cmll18v.ocx");
ReportViewerControl.CabFileVersion = “18,2,0,0”;

On another page, I have the designer control. The designer control only lets me set the CabFileURL property, it does not have a CabFileVersion property like the viewer control does. Is this anything I need to be concerned about, not being able to explicitly set the version number? Do I even have to bother setting the viewer control’s version number (I got the code for that from one of the LL samples)?

Mostly just wondering why one control has a version property and the other one doesn’t.


Hi Glenn,

thank you for your post.

The version info can be used to force a minimal version of a control that is required. Regarding to your sample a download will only be executed when no cab file or a cab file with a lower version number (version < 18,2,0,0) is available.

Such things are not necessary for the DesignerControl until now. It could be possible that we will make it available in one of the future releases.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

OK, sounds good.

It is good to know that it is a minimum version number, and not the exact version number that is required. The docs aren’t clear on that point.

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