Max text length of value

We hava a c/c++ program using LL19 with the correspondent lib.

We detect that sending text variable, when the length of the value is greater than 1024, LL cuts the rest.

Is this limitation known?

Any solution?

Dear Luis,
thank you for your note.

Such behavior is not known to us, could you please send us more information.
-Which Service pack you are using (19.00?)?
-How you pass/define the text?
-Do you use the API or the control?

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Hello Erdal ,

Thanks for the fast response.

I’m sorry for using your time, but the problem was in my code.

It’s a workaround for a change LL made some version ago that led to the ResetProject not saving variables contents.

In the mean time, the API function LlEnumGetEntry, does not return any error when the buffer is less than the variable contents… Is there a way to retrieve the contnts size (without to doit several times?)

Best Regards,
Luís Silva