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Using LL22 I’m handling the LL_CMND_GETSIZE_USEROBJ to try to alter the size of a custom-drawn field. I’m casting LPARAM TO scLlDrawUserObj and then modifying scLlDrawUserObj._rcPaint to set the size of the field. However when I get to the LL_CMND_DRAW_USEROBJ handler for the field size is unaffected.

Should I be setting anything else besides _rcPaint in scLlDrawUserObj? Should I be returning anything other than 0 for LRESULT?

Thank you!

Hello Erik,

thank you for your post.

Can you try to handle LL_CMND_GETSIZE_USEROBJ_SCM instead and pass the required size in SCM units (1/1000 mm)? Can you try to set the width and height of your drawing to UnitFromSCM(DrawingWidthSCM(…)) and UnitFromSCM(DrawingHeightSCM(…))? Otherwise, it might also be feasible to just use a formula for the width and height and pass the required values as additional fields.

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