LL15 .NET component crashes on form_load

I can’t distribute any application with LL15.

When I run a test application that just has a blank for with LL control on it the application crashes immediatly while initializing the form.

I have narrowed the crash down to the following code in the InitializeComponent sub of the form.

Me.ListLabel1 = New combit.ListLabel15.ListLabel(Me.components)

I have tried to run this app on win 2003 and win xp. The app works fine on my development machine.

Can anyone help.



What message will be displayed while crashing?
Did you get any Exception on the target machine, which gets more detailed information about the cause - e.g. FileNotFoundException? Or is it a GPF/Access Violation?


I just get a message saying your application has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Sorry not much help.



When I run the app on an XP machine I get system.invalidoperationexception.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your attention.



I can’t currently imagine what the problem could be. Maybe a virus scanner locks some modules of List & Label while the .NET component accesses them. I think you have to contact the support team - a memory dump file could be helpful.