Problem with run L&L 15, creating .pdf file

i have got a problem with L&L v.15. After install(full version) and run command from command line for create .pdf file, this error message show me:

Client_12|0001|False|Card … error while printing label - job step: IMAGES_COPIED_TO_LISTLABEL|combit.ListLabel15.LL_CfgNotFound_Exception: No project exists with the specified file name.

When i tested L&L v.10 before this v.15, i have got same message, but restart pc solved this problem.

In version 15 not. I tested both versions on WIN XP.

Thank you

Maybe the debug mode from List & Label do some helpful outputs to Debwin. Do you have used Debwin to get more infos about that?
I think the path and/or filename to the printing project is wrong - but this infos should be logged in Debwin.