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List&Label with xHarbour: variables with uncorrect name

Excuse me, I’m new to the List & Label (I have the trial version at the moment) and I like it very much.

I am a self-taught programmer who maintains a management software was born in Clipper and transported with satisfaction in xHarbour.
I would like to improve support for report with LL19 which I understood the potential, however I find an interface problem with the software that I can not able to solve.

I try to explain because my English is bad so like my develop ability:
From xHarbour (works in a similar way to xBase + +) are able to send data to the designer of LL19, however, the database fields in the transition to the designer change their name adding a suffix often only one underscore caracter and sometimes (but with continuous variation in several attempts) other characters.

Does anyone have an idea or a link where I can find some solution?

Thanks in advance.
Luigi Dorigo

Dear Luigi ,
thank you for your note.

You might lack a proper null-termination of your strings. All strings need to end with a “0”-Byte. For Xbase++, the strings are preallocated using something like “sName := Replicate(chr(0),255)” to handle this properly

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Thanks, so works perfectly!

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