Do not clear process variables if changing language

I suggest to implement the following feature:

other statements

LL.Language =
LL.Print or LL.Design

Problem doing this:

Every time changing language by using “LL.Language =” all stored variables are cleared and have to be reset (otherwise missing in report). Took me some time to find this… Would be nice not to clear the table of variables if changing the language.

Thanks for the suggestion and apoligies for the inconvenience. Unfortunately this is not feasible :frowning: . In order to change the language, we need to close and re-open the List & Label job internally which results in a deletion of all variables and fields.

We’ll add a warning in the debug log if this condition occurs, maybe that will help your fellows to prevent losing much time with trouble shooting next time. The code in LL25 is now

if (Variables.Count > 0)
    Logger.Warn(LogCategory.Net, "Variables collection is not empty but will be cleared by changing the language. Make sure to set the language prior to adding any variables.");

Again, thanks for the heads-up!