List & Label 21: AutoNaming on aggregate (Edited)

Hello, This is my first post in this forum. I appreciate any assistance

I am a user of Designer List&Label 21 that is embedded in a woodworking software package. Within the Combit reporter, I have an SQL routine that includes a field called [Parts].[Parameters] which is a LongText field. However, if the field contains more than 255 characters, I will get random characters:

In researching this, I found a user who advised getting around this problem by using “Left” which does work by replacing [Parts].[Parameters] with LEFT([Parts].[Parameters],512) I am assuming that the “Left” value can be any number up to the character limit of LongText. For my purposes, 512 will be sufficient.

This user used “Left” on a different field and apparently had no issues. I could not find any additional info on this topic.

EDIT: Please note: I was able to solve this—See my reply. Thank you to all who reviewed this.

Here’s my problem:

As I said, using “Left” does work but after I do, Combit renames the field to, “EXPR1009” which means that I have to re-write all my formulas to replace [Parts].[Parameters] with EXPR1009

NOTE: This change is only in Combit; Access still displays the field as [Parts].[Parameters]

I am fine with this change and re-writing the formulas as long as it is consistent. In other words, as various data configurations come into Combit over the coming weeks and months, will [Parts].[Parameters] always populate the EXPR1009 field in Combit?

Thanks in advance for helping

I figured it out. It was inexperience on my part. I didn’t realize that the “Left” command created an aggregate. The query should be:

LEFT([Parts].[Parameters],512) as MyNamedAggregate

Apparently, if an aggregate is created and a name is not specified, an aggregate name is auto generated

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