L&L18 - Sums by category

im working on Project Proposal in L&L18 integrated in Easyjob5, but i have several problems
1st in app. conditions it says @showsubtotals but that is excluding one category for no apparent reason
2nd it adds up, i’d like to to it so every category has Sum on its own, so i have subtotals for every category and one big total for all the Material (excluding People and Transport)

As you can see it didnt show subtotals for Light

Thanks for help

Best regards

Maximilian Kubač


Hello Maximilian,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately we can’t analyze the problem in detail since we have no access to your project. But we would like to give you some guidance of how to work with sum variables or the Sum()-function:

We recommend to use group footer lines within your table and either sum variables or an addition over all field contents which are displayed within a group with the Sum()-function.

You will find additional information within the List & Label 18 Designer Manual (chapter 2.3.8, page 42ff., chapter 5.6, page 82ff, chapter 7.3, page 141ff).

If you have no access to the Designer Manual please contact the software manufacturer of Easyjob5.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello Patrick,

I was trying to get it to work but failed.Unfortunately i’m editing Project proposal from Easyjob5. On the screen posted below you can see my problem, the sums are working, but there is no sum below the LIGHT category. The command used is: (ItemGroup.Total*if(@ShowDiscount,1,Job.Totals.Discount))*Job.Totals.NegativeDiscountBalance
App.Cond: FieldType=“Job.ItemGroupFooter” and @ShowItems

Best regards

Maximilian Kubac