L&L Designer Project >> Page Setup >> Export media selections


I have an problem with L&L v15 regarding Export media selections.

My application exports data in TXT and XLS formats along with normal preview and print mode. This report style is switchable but all forms work off the same .lst definitions file.

All works well except any selections made in the Export media tab for Text and Excel formats are ignored. The selections persist OK in the .lst definitions file but appear to be ignored and replaced with a standard default set whenever the report is run.

Setting and retrieving the parameters manually via LlXSetParameter(…) and LlXSetParameter(…) works fine. However, those parameters set via the Export Media selections tab can never be retrieved via LlXGetParameter(…) after the .lst definitions file is loaded.

Any ideas.

Thanks in Advance

You need to do two things:

  • chosse the default export format (push the little OK button at the top right of the export dformat selection page)

  • of course you may not define any export format to LlPrintStart() - you need to set the LL_PRINT_USERSELECT flag in that API, neither of the other destination flags(LL_PRINT_FILE, _STORAGE, _NORMAL).



I’ve tried your suggestions without any success.

Interestingly both LL_PRINT_USERSELECT and LL_PRINT_EXPORT have the same definition (0x00000800). Previously I was using LL_PRINT_EXPORT.

The exported data is generated in the format as directed but it never observes any of the settings made in L&L Designer Project >> Page Setup >> Export media selections.