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HOWTO: Suppress Date Output

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Valid from List & Label 6
Starting with List & Label 11 empty date values can be passed analogous to other NULL values as "(NULL)", e.g.
LlDefineVariableExt("DATE", "(NULL)", LL_DATE_MS, NULL)

This will prevent the value from appearing in the print out. You may also configure an arbitrary hint text in the designer by using the IsNULL() function:

Cond(IsNULL(DATE), "no date")

With versions older than List & Label 11 use

LlDefineVariableExt("DATE", "1e100", LL_DATE_MS, NULL)

The value “1e100” will be intepreted as emtpy date and the output will be suppressed. Remember to use Date$(DATE) in the Designer for any date output.

IDKBTE000458 KBTE000458