How to display a .ll preview file with the Html5Viewer in a web browser

We can use the Html5Viewer to create and display NEW reports in a web browser by using the documented methods: in the OnListLabelRequest event a new ListLabel object is created, a dataprovider assigned and returned to the viewer by the ListLabelRequestEventArgs parameter.

We would now like to display previously created reports with the viewer that have been saved as a .LL preview file on the web-server disk.
How can we achieve this with LL20 (or upwards)? How do we need to set up the OnListLabelRequest event to do this?
Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, the browser vendors have more and more deprecated the usage of rich browser controls, obviously due to security concerns. You may still use the viewer OCX in the Internet Explorer, however we’d advise to either convert the preview files to PDF (as most browsers come with a PDF plugin) or, alternatively, install the viewer application on the client side, if required.

I have a similiar question though.

We have a thin client application, which is showing (using LlPreviewDisplay()) .ll files generated on server. Now, is it possible to show the incremental preview on the client? I mean show the incremental progress as shown when using LlPrintWithBoxStart(). What I mean by this, if there is some API to get the incremental output which could be then sent to the client, where it could be shown possibly with LlPreviewDisplay()?

Hi Jozef,

The incremental preview can only be shown during the generation of the file on the generating machine, unfortunately. However, if the file is pre-rendered, it should open more or less instantanous anyway. But during generation on a server, no incremental preview is possible unless you’re using the HTML5 viewer.

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