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Extract data from LL file wirh VBnet or export to excel Programatically Vbnet?

Is posible to read the LL file and find some data on it programatically vbnet? Or extract de info programatically vbnet? or export by Command line from report viewer?

Hi Luis,

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Sure, you can use the preview API to do so. In .NET, the PreviewFile class can be used to convert the file to a text file or one of the other supported formats. You can also use a ListLabelPreviewControl and its SearchFirst to visually search for text. Does that help already :slight_smile:?

Thanks, I’m going to try
Do you have an example of code to convert *.ll file to excel or txt?
Specifically I need to do it starting from the LL file, without prior application. The specific situation is that another program exports its files in LL format and we can only access the LL files to extract data.

Here’s a snippet showing the code for the conversion:

In order to export to Excel, the preview needs to contain the required data (see this blog post for details).

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