Help Text for Report Parameters

I see a field named ‘Help Text’ in the report parameters properties. I cant figure out where this text appears in the report. If I add something in the Help Text of a report parameter where does it show up in the report itself?

I tried hovering over the applicable parameter too but could not see it display.

Thank you

Apparently the Help Text is strictly for the Report Designer, not seen anywhere on the report when running the report. It is there so that you can make a note of why the report parameter is there.

Actually, the help text is not yet available in the Web Report Viewer (which you’re obviously using). I’ll make a ticket for that. In the Desktop flavor, you see it when hovering over a parameter in the Designer


or in the parameter pane in the preview:


That’s where you would probably expect it in the Web Report Viewer as well.

The current version shows the hint text like this:


Would that help?

Thanks @jbartlau , I was thinking that the Help Text would appear on the report itself for example if someone hovered their mouse over the parameter title or similar. Would be neat to see text somewhere that could explain a parameter as the situation dictated.

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