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Designer window is shown behind the application window

We’ve recently upgraded from L&L21 to 26 and found out that Form Editor (the Designer window) is now shown behind the Application window and there’s no way to move it forward. Please advise, how to handle this.

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It sounds like if you passed the wrong parent handle.
So the second parameter for LlDefineLayout (…) →
Description from the manual:

hWnd: Handle of the application window which will be disabled while the
Designer is being displayed.

Just check whether the correct handle is passed there, in our VC ++ example we use the following code:

HWND hWnd = m_hWnd;
nRet = LlDefineLayout (m_hJob, hWnd, _T ("Designer"), LL_PROJECT_LABEL, sFileName);

Not recommended:
To start a modeless designer, you must pass “0”.

Thank you for your answer! I’ve checked - the handle is correct. If I pass NULL for this parameter, then the Designer window doesn’t appear at all until I close the application. After the application is closed, the Designer apppears, but in disabled state.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the behavior.

We therefore need further information from you for clarification, which cannot be meaningfully exchanged on this platform. For this reason, we would like to ask you to open a support case in our support portal at My acccount: Login, user registration, product registration, please copy the relevant ones Information from this thread in the description.

Thank you very much.

I’ve found the Designer Window on the second monitor which was disabled :grin:! Sorry for taking your time!

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